Caring nurse helps elderly woman out of bed in rehab at nursing home

What’s Restorative Nursing and How Does it Help Seniors Recover?

Restorative programs are based on a nursing model that helps residents retain the skills they worked on in therapy and not lose ground. The care picks up where rehab leaves off and helps ensure the goals achieved in therapy can be practiced during day-to-day life.

It is designed to promote a person’s ability to function at the highest level and live as independently as possible. Restorative nurses work in collaboration between rehabilitation and nursing services. The services complement each other to perform on behalf of the resident’s best interest. For example, for residents who are actively involved in therapy, restorative services offer carryover of their learned skills and allow residents to practice skills outside of therapy.

Retaining Skills Learned in Therapy After Discharge.

Like its name, restorative nursing helps seniors remember the skills learned in therapy once they recover and return home. Restorative care is also relied upon to build residents to a higher level of functioning so they can begin therapy services again. Some goals of restorative nursing include re-teaching skills, assisting with adapting to a disability, and preventing complications by taking a disciplinary team approach.

Restorative nursing is practiced within a rehabilitation center – an in-patient community that provides skilled care administered by licensed therapy staff members and their aides. Rehab centers are used in the transition between hospital and home or long-term care.

What Services Does Restorative Care Offer?

Restorative nursing care is provided by nursing personnel who may or may not be licensed. According to HCPro, this type of specialized care is offered for many reasons. Nurses and CNAs assist with and teach residents about transfers, range of motion, ambulation, and various activities of daily living. Restorative care examples include:

– Improving the residents’ physical condition
– Preventing further deterioration of the condition
– Complementing a concurrent therapy program
– Teaching safety measures
– Assisting with adjustments to new problems
– Enhancing quality of life

Need More Information about Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing?

At Monterey Park Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, our restorative nursing serves are a critical bridge between the improvements our residents make during rehab in our center and the success they experience when returning home. We create a customized, comprehensive plan for senior therapy and recovery. Our expertise has shown that quality inpatient care and rehabilitation decrease seniors’ chances of readmission to the hospital after surgery. You can be confident our person-centered approach provides focused monitoring and exceptional therapy for each individual from a team of expert health professionals. Successful recoveries are a win-win for everyone.

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